Makerfire Electromagnetic Experiment Box(Pack of 117)


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Makerfire Electromagnetic Experiment Box(Pack of 117)

1.Learn basic electrical and magnetic experiments through the full-color manual, understand the basic principles, and help students learn, think and explore.

2.The basic electrical and magnetic experiment kit includes everything you need to get started, and provides the opportunity for students in grades 9-11 to build a simple electromagnetic model.

3.Many application scenarios: family, gifts, classrooms, summer camps, experiments Surrounding.

4.This electromagnetic experiment STEM kit can build many projects: series circuit, parallel circuit, fruit battery, measurement of unknown resistance with Ohm's law, Oersted experiment, electromagnet, ampere force investigation, electric bell production and hand generator

Different Features:
1.The target product toolbox is packaged, which is convenient for children to take.

2.The configuration adds experimental basic accessories and related experiments on the basis of the standard product.

3.The texture is made of ABS material, which is non-toxic and non-polluting

Electricity and magnetism experiment kit, increase physics knowledge and practice operation

Product material:plastic+metal
Product size:33*20*14.5CM
Product net weight:1829g
Package weight:1829g

Package Included:
1*Electromagnetic Experiment Box(Pack of 117)

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