ESP32-Entwicklungsboard mit 0,49 Zoll OLED-Display unterstützt LoRa WiFi Bluetooth BLE Arduino

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Support Arduino-IDE: You can program products through a complete library and a simple development language to quickly complete solution validation and product development.
Mini Size and Superior Function:Directly based on chip level development.
Three wireless communication protocols: The main chip of this development board is esp32. It supports WIFI, BLE4.2 and lora wireless communication funciton.
Strong Anti-jamming: The esp32 development board has been installed a shield, which can greately improve theAnti-interference ability of this product.
Upgrade Version,Smaller Size and Energy Efficient: It has beencombined the advantages of traditional wireless modules, which makes it smaller and consume less energy.
Suitable for Various Intelligent Scenes: It can not onlybe used as a gateway for IoT products but also be used asa drive terminal product, such as Intelligent Cars, Intelligent Lamps, Robot Control,Equipment Monitoring, Inviroment Detection andDrone Control.

MCU Chip: ESP32
Main Frequency:240MHZ
Lora Chip: SX1276 chip
Support Band: 868, 915MHZ
Transmittion Distance: 6km at open area
WIFI Speed: 150Mbps
Bluetooth Standard: tranditional bluetooth and low-power bluetooth
Screen Size: 0.96inch OLED screen
Power Supply: USB, lithium battery
Storage: 64M-Bits Flash
Sleep Current: 800uA
Development Enviroment: for Arduino

Package Including
1 * ESP32 Development Board with 0.49 inch OLED(Battery is not included)
1 * 868/915MHz Antenna

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